Raid (GC)



administration server:

  1. the Administration does not guarantee that the software of the game server does not contain errors or will function without interruption.
  2. the Administration does not guarantee that the script and concept of the game will meet the tastes and desires of the Player, his expectations.
  3. the Administration is not responsible to the Player under any circumstances for any direct or indirect damages that may arise in connection with the use of or inability to use the game or its separate elements. Including for damages incurred by the Player in connection with the actions of third parties (other Players or other persons): the behavior of Players, actions of game characters in the Game, harsh words, sayings and disrespect to other Players
  4. the Administration is not responsible for the quality of services of providers the Internet, used by the Player to access the Internet and use the server. The Administration is also not liable for the temporary or permanent inability to play on the server specific individuals.
  5. the Administration has the right to unilaterally and at any time to limit, expand or change the services without prior notice to the Player. In case of any malfunction of servers, the Administration is taking the necessary steps to improve its capacity in the shortest possible time.
  6. the Administration is not obliged to notify the Player about the changes in the game personally. All Players must independently monitor changes posted on the website or the forum server.
  7. the Administration is not responsible for loss of access to your account, loss of password, login and other necessary information to play on the server.
  8. in case of violation in respect of the user of any paragraphs of this agreement other players or GM'om service user has the right to file a complaint in the appropriate section of the forum, providing evidence of the violation (screenshots and exact time).
  9. when entering the telephone number, the player gives the administration the right, to send SMS. If you don't receive the SMS, do not fill the phone number, or if filled, remove it using your personal account.
  10. the server Administration reserves the unconditional right to:
    • To refuse services without explanation.
    • To assess the actions of the Players and to impose on them any sanctions in cases not covered by these rules, if deemed necessary.
    • To modify operation of the server, services and these terms, without consent and prior notice to Players.

Account registration.

  1. Registration in the game is by specifying the Player's email address and select a username and password. The Administration does not authenticate the email address specified during registration. The administration is not responsible for any adverse effect to the instructions of invalid email addresses (in particular, for the impossibility of recovering the username and/or password from the game).
  2. Each Player is obligated to take all necessary measures to protect your account (account). The player fully accepts responsibility for all acts committed by any person who enter the game using login and password of the Player.

Select the name of the character (nick).

  1. Nick character belongs to the Player who used it first. Prohibited the intentional occupation of nicks for the purpose of resale or to mislead Players.
  2. When creating a character is forbidden to give him a name containing the reserved words: GM, Administrator, Admin, ADM, Support, GameMaster. Also nicknames are prohibited imitating Nicki proxies servers (DLов) and administration of.
  3. Prohibited nicknames, containing offensive language, offensive character.

Общение в игре:

  1. are divided into General gaming Chat rooms (General chat, trade chat, shout, hero chat), group (party and clan) and private (private chat and friendly chat).
  2. as a General rule, clan chat, Alliance chat and private chat rooms are not moderated. However, in exceptional cases, the administration reserves the right to apply to messages written in private and group chats penalties for violations of rules of communication in General gaming chat rooms. Punishment for violations committed with the use of hero chat, is stricter than the punishment for violations in other General gaming chat rooms.
  3. Mat, a veiled obscenities, profanity, rudeness, insults banned in the game. Mat, a veiled obscenities, profanity, roughness, used in the Commission of the following violations are an aggravating circumstance, leading to an increase in possible punishment.
  4. In General gaming chat rooms are forbidden-insults and provoking people to chat with.
  5. In General gaming chat banned multiple duplication and the creation of messages that do not contain meaning. Unwanted replica, typed in capital letters.
  6. In General gaming chat rooms is prohibited all versions of the ad on sales-exchange or other options for the transfer of accounts, clans, and any in-game valuables for real money and exchange for in-game valuables the accounts of other online games.
  7. In General gaming chat rooms are forbidden-insults on a national basis, the use of derogatory nicknames and nicknames based on racial, national, religious, gender or other characteristic and provocation of the interlocutor to use them.
  8. In General gaming chat rooms it is prohibited to disseminate personal information about the Player without his consent.
  9. In General gaming chat rooms is prohibited slander on the Players, the Administration and placing in false information about the game or the Players.
  10. all chats are forbidden to discuss the possibilities and methods of causing any damage, and causing any damage to the game in General, as well as Administration or Players in particular.
  11. In all chat rooms is strictly prohibited death threats in real life, directed against individual Players, and against the Administration.
  12. In General gaming chat rooms banned all kinds of advertising messages, in particular links to Internet resources.
  13. In General gaming chat rooms forbidden insult Administration officials, a discussion of their actions, and attempt to impersonate representatives of the Administration.
  14. In General gaming chat rooms is prohibited direct or indirect propaganda of narcotic substances, tobacco and alcohol in any form.
  15. In General gaming chat rooms is strictly prohibited and will be strongly suppressed any statements and other actions that violate existing laws.

Communication with the Administration.

  1. Any appeal to the Administration must contain a clear statement of the problem the Player or question relating directly to the server.
  2. Prohibited Party, Clan, Friend or Trade request to the Administration.
  3. prohibits publication of correspondence with representatives of the Administration, or its content without prior approval.
  4. Prohibited the public appealing against the punishment imposed by the Administration. There is a special section on the forum server.
  5. Prohibited the intentional introduction of the Administration to mislead, the message to representatives of the Administration false information.

game process:

  1. Prohibited uses software that emulates the presence of the Player in the game or the Player performing a single action during the game.
  2. Prohibited the use of game errors (bugs) for personal purposes. Under bugs obviously mean any not provided for in gameplay situations, errors in the mechanics of the game. The player who discovered the bug, shall immediately notify the Administration. The administration has the right to declare any situation a bug, if in its opinion, such situation is not provided gameplay.


  1. Prohibits fraudulent activity in trade or craft conducted for the purpose of obtaining money or property of another player.
  2. It is prohibited to use bugs of the game in the conduct of trade, such as the similarity of textures, deleting things when trading, etc.